Guaranteed Access

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You have a great product or service. You know that a large number of people/businesses would benefit from its use. In other words, you have built a better mouse trap, so where are all the folks beating a path to your door? We’re sorry; it just doesn’t work like that. If you want to sell your product/service, you will have to find a way to get access to the key decision makers. Those people who can actually buy something from you and your business.

This is the dilemma that faced Bill and Cathy King in 2009. Bill and Cathy had both lost their jobs during the worst economy of their lifetime. At their ages, they knew it would be next to impossible to find comparable positions in their hometown. They decided to open a consulting agency that would serve small businesses. They were smart, educated and talented individuals. They were highly qualified to succeed -- except neither knew how to sell. They joined a group that promised to teach them this critical skill, but after four months of vigorously applying the tactics they had learned they had exactly zero clients.

Bill and Cathy knew they needed to meet and build relationships with business owners, but they were unsuccessful doing this through normal networking, sales strategies and cold-calling. It was time to invent a new way to get clients. One that didn’t involve selling.

In Guaranteed Access: How to Get Clients without Selling, you will follow Bill and Cathy as they learn how to succeed and grow their fledgling business with a method they developed. A method they call “Research Marketing.” Based on the real-life experiences of Doug and Polly White, this book will teach you how to:
  1. Get four meetings with the key decision makers who can purchase your products/services
  2. Develop solid, lasting relationships with the people who will become your clients
  3. Position yourself as an expert in your field
  4. Generate revenue for your company

Doug and Polly started with nothing and built a consulting practice that now surpasses the income they made when they had what they call “straight jobs.” They did this by developing and using the step-by-step techniques contained in this book.

If you want to increase the number and quality of clients you serve, if you want Guaranteed Access to the decision makers who would make the difference in your business, if you want to be seen as the expert in your field, then you need to learn the methods that made Doug and Polly so successful.

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