Let go to GROW

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What is the formula for a successful business? You know the ones we mean, the ones that thrive. These are the businesses that throw off a lot of cash and provide a great lifestyle for the owner and his/her family. Then there is the other kind of business. Those that struggle and never seem to reach their potential.

In 2010, Doug and Polly set out to discover this formula. They wanted to find out what differentiated these two types of businesses. What they discovered is that the difference lies in how well the principal (the owner, leader, or entrepreneur) is able to let go of daily responsibilities and delegate these tasks to trusted employees and manager. Delegation is critical to growth and success, but it has to be managed correctly and done at the right time or the business will run into the ditch.

Doug and Polly’s award winning and best-selling book, Let Go to Grow: Why Some Business Thrive and Others Fail to Reach Their Potential uses real life examples gleaned from their more than 100 interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let Go to Grow illustrates how the principal's skill-set must change to allow the business to prosper. But, it goes beyond simply spelling out what needs to be done; the book explains how to do it in clear, concise and practical terms. Let Go to Grow is a must-read that helps principals transition their businesses into growing and thriving enterprises.